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Release Workflow

Semantic Versioning

Maintainers only

This section is for maintainers with push and release privileges only.

  1. Run just bump packages [patch|minor|major] to bump all non-private packages with semantic versioning.

  2. Run git switch -c release-v[version] to create a new branch for the release.

  3. Run just changelog to generate the changelog for all packages.

  4. Commit these changes with the message: release: v[version].

  5. Create PR with targeting the main branch.

  6. After the PR is merged, run git switch main and git pull.

  7. Checkout the release commit if there are other changes committed to the main branch.

  8. Run git tag v[version]

  9. Run git push origin refs/tags/v[version].



Canary/Nightly share the same publishing workflow. They are almost the same thing, but with different npm tags.

If you trigger the workflow manually, it will publish the latest commit to the canary tag.

If the workflow is triggered by a schedule, it will publish the latest commit to the nightly tag.

You could see latest Canary/Nightly version in

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